PUROXI® The best sanitizing solutions


Our products have been specially designed and manufactured for use in private and public hospitals, clinics, dental and healthcare utilities where safety requirements are very high.


Product selection is made according to the desired disinfecting spectrum of action and desired mode of application.


Particular attention has been paid to their disinfecting properties, their effectiveness, and their friendliness to the materials and the environment, while ensuring high-level protection from contamination.



How We Develop Our PUROXI® Products

High-Quality Ingredients and Safe Chemistry

Rigorous Tests with the Latest Research

Third-Party Certification

 Our PUROXI® Products

PUROXI  offers a complete range of  high-quality cleaning and disinfecting products and meets the most up-to-date requirements for the control of infectious risk.

Why is a farm disinfectant used at all?


The use of a farm disinfectant is extremely common in agriculture. A key success factor for any farm is the prevention or reduction of diseases in humans, animals and plants caused by microorganisms.



Is a concentrated multi-purpose sterilizing liquid for:

-Hard Surface Disinfection: Livestock housing and equipment (feeders, drinkers, tanks, apparatus…etc.).

-Poultry & Livestock Drinking Water System: (Tanks and Pipelines).

-Cooling Terminals & Ventilation Systems Disinfection (rising or misting).

-Abattoir and Meat Processing.

-Hatchery: Hard surfaces, setters, equipment, trays and trolleys, egg transportation…etc.).

-Foot Dip.


Our Certification

Attention to the world environment and to people

We Ensure ourselves and our children a concretely safer, healthier and more natural environment


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